Smile Design

Our Approach

It's not easy to get a patient to visualize what their new smile will look like.

Even when they have a waxup in front of them its still difficult.

Thats why we created the full color pink and white smile design of the ideal smile for that individual patient. Once the design is finalized we then 3D print the design and mount on premium models with their natural lower teeth so they can see truly what their new teeth look like.

Once the patient sees their personalized new smile design, acceptance goes way up. If its been tough to get a commitment from patients on large smile design cases, give us a call.


Original Smile

We use 3shape to optimize a smile design for each individual patient and send it off for your approval on design in esthetics and function. Our software allows us to ghost out the new design so we compare the original teeth with the new design.

New Design

Once the design is approved we move ahead withe 3D printing of the patients new smile design. Once the design is printed the models are mounted using our premium model set technique to give the patient the very best experience. No more embassinging models.

3D Printed Display Models

When a patient says, “I want that”, then we are off and running. Thats when we discuss material choices and patient needs. We then can get to work and make it all happen.

Call Joe for more information at 514-779-6503