Anterior Makeover

Our Approach

Once the patient says “yes”, then what? Well thats when the fun starts.

With all the material choices and occlusal considerations it can be a little puzzling to decide on just the right material to get the right choice for both the occlusal needs and esthetic desires. As technicians we have done thousands of cases and can give valuable advice on what to use in certain situations.


Hand Stacked Ceramics

A younger patient may need hand stacked ceramics to get the right incisal hallows and fluorescence to truly harmonize with a natural young smile.

Lithium Disilicate - e.max

There are a lot of people that just want a new white smile with very little incisal translucency and for this, e-max works really well and can also be bonded for maximum retention.

Full Zirconia

For the patient with a heavy bite and in need of the strongest material available, that's where zirconia comes in. There are also some new techniques for bonding we can use to maximize retention on clinically short preps.

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