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Our approach is to create, improve and maintain the Bonds that bind us together.
What Bonds you ask? READ BELOW

Why Unbreakable Bonds is Unique

How is it that dental labs using nearly identical materials and tools as one another can vary wildly from one case to the next, or from one lab to another? Because of one fundamental (but common) flaw ...

Labs have acted as a separate vendor to dentists, rather than an integrated part of the team. That is a major misstep.

Because patients only care about: Did my dentist provide me with what I wanted easily, precisely, and seamlessly?

We think of this as the Unbreakable Bond of trust, confidence, and predictability. You and your patients: the bond of trust. Patients and their teeth: the bond of confidence. You and us – your lab: the bond of predictability.

What does this all add up to?
Bonds that unite expectation, trust, competence, and service.
Under this model, all of these function as one. NOT as a separate lab, but as an integrated part of you and your practice. In its place is one seamless, reliable team.Unbreakable bonds.

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The Implant Lab
We are implant specialists
We are implant specialists

Products to suit your practice needs.

Ortho Aligners


Clear aligners built to your custom specs.
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Surgical Guides


The most accurate and safest surgical guide available
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Occlusal Guard


New materials and new options are now available
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Aesthetics, Price, Speed. We have what you’re looking for
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All Systems. All Techniques, We love implant dentistry
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To us, it’s not just a denture, it’s a work of art
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Smile Design


Smile Design tailored for your patients
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From step by step guidance to case planning advice
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New materials and new options are now available
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Technology Applications are a huge passion of ours. We get a kick out of developing digital workflows others haven't thought of. Have an idea? Call us - We'll make it happen.
See Technology Applications
Our approach is rooted in a desire to first understand you and your needs. We then set out to solve the issues other laboratories fail to solve or aren't equipped to. What scares other labs gets us excited. Need a hybrid for a patient with limited vertical? We got it. Want advice on which I/O scanner will fit your practice? We can help there too. What about the patient you just inherited that got an implant in South America? No sweat, we've got you covered. If we don't have an answer for you, I guarantee we will find it. We are a bit nutty that way.


  • I have been working with Unbreakable Bonds since 2010 and have enjoyed partnering with a lab where I know the people and faces that are doing the work. Their level of expertise is great and their work is outstanding.

  • Unbreakable Bonds has become more than just another dental lab. They are now an integral part of our TEAM.

  • Beautiful work! Unbreakable Bonds has been a major part of my success for over 8 years. Mark and his team of masterful technicians always do an excellent job and are reliable and friendly to work with.

  • The Unbreakable Bonds family makes my life easier. My patients are happy, my team’s workflow is predictable, and I enjoy better personal time ownership. I am free to focus on what I do best! Thanks, Mark!

  • Unbreakable Bonds has transformed my practice. They provide great communication and expertise in both removable and fixed implant restorations.

  • When I started my practice 4 years ago, I needed a lab I knew I could work with to provide the highest level of quality, service, and expertise. Unbreakable Bonds has been an amazing resource and service

  • Unbreakable Bonds is a great full service lab with cutting edge technology and old school customer service.

  • Mark Hidde and his staff at Unbreakable Bonds have provided me and my patients with the highest level of work and professionalism I could ever ask for. Their skill and technology is unsurpassed I and I have never had a case that I wasn’t proud to deliver to a patient.

  • The staff at Unbreakable Bonds is outstanding. They provide quality products in a timely manner. I highly recommend them.

  • I have enjoyed working with Unbreakable Bonds for almost 10 years. They consistently produce well fitting, beautiful restorations that both my patients and I love. It's also been impressive how Mark and his team stay up to date with new technology and how well they communicate these changes with the dentists they work with. I would definitely recommend Unbreakable Bonds to any dentist in search of a high quality dental lab.

  • Mark and the crew at Unbreakable Bonds deliver excellence every time. Their experience and expertise has been a huge asset to me in treatment planning and delivering cases for our patients.

  • Providing the best patient care requires great skill on my part, but just as importantly, it requires me to surround myself with greatly skilled technicians.

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About us

We believe the future of high level dentistry belongs to restorative teams that recognize the benefits of close communication in achieving the best result for the patient.
We are actively looking for dentists that share this philosophy.

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